From Lab to Living Room


Our aim is to bridge the gap between science and practice. We’re working to bring the best of behavioral science to as many people as possible.


Scientific Roots


Our programs are primarily based on research in positive psychology, social psychology, and behavioral economics. We also draw from neuropsychology, evolutionary psychology, organizational psychology, and developmental psychology in our work.


We approach change from a complex systems perspective, which recognizes that human beings are made up of many interacting factors.



Events as Experiments


Every event we host is an experimental intervention designed for maximum positive outcomes. We generally take baseline and follow-up measurements, minimize potential confounds, and publish our findings.


We keep a pulse on the latest peer-reviewed research and regularly incorporate new findings into our work.


We’ve conducted dozens of pilots for some of our events, although much more is to be done. Future studies will include randomized controlled trials and cross-cultural assessments.


We intend to eventually submit our results to academic journals for peer review and publish technical and consumer-friendly write-ups.


Open Science


We believe in open science. We are working to make every step of our research is as transparent as possible: we post the materials we use, make our deidentified data available, follow established ethics and integrity protocols, and publish our findings so anyone can view them.


We are deeply open to feedback about potential errors and insight into how our research can improve. Collaboration yields better results.


We invite you to “check our math” and confirm for yourself that what we do is effective. This is rarely done in the business world, but perhaps should be.