Explore our Data Sandbox to see some of the outcome data we’ve collected on our programs. Note: currently you will need to email us to see all datasets.


If we succeed in helping people change, we publish it. If we fail, we publish it and ask for your insight on how we can do better next time.


If you conduct an event, please contribute your dataset. We will publish it as well.


Please note our early datasets were particularly weak due to low sample sizes, lack of controls, and other factors. As we go forward we will take much more care collecting, analyzing, and publishing our outcome data. Help us do this better.


We also fully recognize that everyone is different and that what works for one person may not work for another. These data are not meant to “guarantee” that anything will work for you in particular. We are not trying to draw definitive conclusions on our outcomes yet.


Note: We are updating the datasets and transferring to Open Science Framework